Monday, 14 December 2009

Is Embarcadero working on a Garbage Collector for Delphi?

Or is Barry Kelly (Compiler Guy at Embarcadero) just doing some bedtime reading? If he’s not working on this, I hope he’s working on the 64-bit compiler! Actually, I think he’s refactoring c to c++ code!

Jokes aside, I don’t care how many road-maps we get from Embarcadero, or reassurances of the health of Delphi from the powers that be. The one thing that gives me hope for Delphi’s future is having really talented and genuinely clever people working on Delphi. And I don’t really care much for IDE enhancements, but the compiler stuff, that’s where Delphi can make a difference. So it’s good to see Barry’s posts on his blog and on stackoverflow. For the time being, the compiler seems to be in good hands!