Thursday, 8 January 2009

Delphi Prism Web Templates

I've been trying to do a few Silverlight examples with Delphi prism, and I keep getting all kinds of errors when creating the projects. I've noticed though, that it only happens if I try and create an ASP.NET test project for the Silverlight application. Then I noticed I have no ASP.NET template for Prism. Does anybody know why Delphi Prism (my copy at least) has no web templates? I think Oxygene did have them, but I can't remember for sure?

Can I get the templates from somewhere?


PMM said...

As far as I know you can only use web-site projects from Prism/Oxygen. Web-Projects are not supported. From the RO Oxygen NG:

Peter Müller-Mannhardt wrote:
>something new with the web-project problem?
>According to, for example,
>-2/ I think you can't say that web.project was an "was an afterthought
>from Microsoft..."
>Anyway, does it mean, that "web-site" is the only way to do
>supported by Oxygen so far?

the current version, yes. We're working on getting this fixed for the next version.

Carlo Kok

Anonymous said...

You can find them under website instead of project.