Thursday, 19 February 2009

You ask a question, you get an answer!

I recently asked, who or what are Embarcadero's target customer. I think Embarcadero have answered. Look at this press-release. Embarcadero All Access.

So, it's the Enterprise then. Maybe Embarcadero know something I don't. Maybe they'll target the medium to small businesses with some other scheme at a later date. I wait with bated breath.


Anonymous said...

Well, if they target the enterprise (where the money is) then small ISVs get enterprise features for a lower price.

Besides aren't all the micro ISVs wanting to someday be an enterprise ISV?

Anonymous said...

If you target the enterprise, and forget about microISVs, you won't get any features - because you just can't afford to upgrade anymore.

Also, things get waaaaay more complicated - see the ongoing pricing discussion.

I don't need All Access, I just want a fair international price for Delphi...