Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Shiny Chrome

I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been setting up a website for my wife. Nothing special, just some static html. God, do I hate HTML. It’s so illogical! It’s not real programming. I also made the mistake of assuming that modern browser’s are now more or less all compatible. It’s only my second ever website, so I could be forgiven. As I was developing, I was testing using Chrome, my default browser. I love Chrome, it’s fast, and does what you expect it. Once I was finished, I tried the site in IE7. ARRGGHH. What a mess. Firefox and Opera were slightly different, in rendering the pages, but IE was completely off. I had to compromise, to get IE to work, and then it still isn’t great. Why do people still use IE?

And don’t get me started on Dreamweaver. It keeps moving text around. I gave up on it, and used a text editor, Notepad++. Give me Delphi or Visual Studio development any day!

The site, if you are interested, is Chez Piron. We renovated an old barn, and my wife will be looking after letting it out as holiday accommodation.


Anonymous said...

I sympathise.

Regarding Chrome - You might be interested in the opening up of the Google Chrome Beta Channel today: it's much faster than the stable version

Anonymous said...

Depending on the level of complexity you are looking to implement on your site(s) you may want to take a look at Xara's WebDesigner.

I share your distaste for HTML and how browsers interpret it. So, a couple of weeks ago I needed to deliver a simple multi-page site. I didn't have much time or $$. After spending an hour looking I chosed WebDesigner. Bought it, downloaded it and I was done within the hour. Best of all, my Dad loved his new site :).

I was very impressed with how easy it was to use the program and publish the site.

I know, it sounds like an infomercial but it is not. I am just one HAPPY user.

Anonymous said...

If you like chrome, you will also like iron ;)

it does not send anything to google. so you are save to use it and know that no one is spying. :)

cheers, murphy